About me

My name is Martin Ulbin and I like to program. I first realized it around 2014 when I was deciding which college to start. I was looking into different professions and saw that there was a high demand for computer science professionals, so I decided to try coding out for myself. I signed into Codeacademy and start doing courses every day. I was learning programming basics like functions and loops and quickly realized that I found the whole process quite fun. It amazed me how you could bring some functionality to life simply by typing instructions that the computer understands. The most important thing I discovered was, that coding is actually a very creative process, which allows you to point at something and say: "I made that".

I only found out I might be coding at 19, but I always knew I'd be in the business of creating new things. Since I was little I've had an itch to make stuff, whether it was writing books or songs, drawing comic books or making my own set or playing cards - the need to be creative has always been there. What ultimately made me chose programming as my career was the potential it has, to allow me to create beautiful and complex things on a daily basis professionally and not just in my free time, and I now know it was the right decision.

In 2014 I started college at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Maribor. I was a bit concerned at first given that I had almost no experience in programming, while a lot of my classmates did. I quickly found out that I had nothing to worry about as I was able to pick up the required knowledge quite easily. I wanted to make the most of my studies and I always strived to finish my tasks within the given timeline and to do all the bonus assignments. 3 years later I graduated with the highest grade and got a bachelor's degree in computer science. In those 3 years I've learned a lot about the practical as well as theoretical aspects of programming and also got to know the basics of many computer science fields. I am currently still studying for my masters degree where I hope to get an even closer look at some of the main branches of my field.

In terms of my career I am still open to a lot of the possibilities, meaning that I'm not yet quite sure what I might end up doing professionally. What I do know though, is that I will always be a game developer, whether I'm doing it for a living or just in my free time. Making games, to me, seems like the best way to use my programming skills as creatively as possible. In light of that, any position relating to game development is going to be my first choice. However, I am also willing and capable of jumping into another direction if the right opportunity arrives.